4. Hydroxycut Pure Hoodia

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Hydroxycut Pure Hoodia - Weight loss Product

Helping to suppress your appetite, Hydroxycut Pure Hoodia is supposed to accelerate your weight loss with the power of hoodia and cissus quadrangularis. It's reported to have the same effects and results expected of the well-known Hydroxycut name. So how does it measure up against the rest of our top ten list?

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So what are we getting for when we pay for with this product? There are some good ingredients, such as green tea, cissus quadrangularis, and oolong tea are among some of the most prominent ones. Used properly these ingredients can provide results most consumers are looking for in these supplements.
That however is the catch with this particular product. While the ingredients are all well and good, the quantity used is a problem when compared to other products. Featuring a 802 mg proprietary blend does not give you the sufficient amounts required to achieve desired results. Many of the ingredients, Oolong tea for example, requires 400 mg to deliver the proper results. Others like glucomannan requires around 1000 mg to even begin to have the desired effect. We would recommend looking for other products, because to be honest, there are better options to spend your money on that will provide better results.