9. Capsiplex

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Capsiplex - Weight loss Product

Capsiplex is an all natural substance made to help you to burn up to 278 extra calories per day. With Capsiplex, you will substantially improve workouts and fat burning, weight loss success. It will help you to finally take your workouts and fat burning, eliminating carbs as well, to the next level. And of course, Capsiplex is also made to properly suppress appetite. It sounds like the all around comprehensive diet pill. But keep in mind, 278 calories is equivalent to a bag of chips or maybe a couple of cups of cocoa.

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It’s not actually that substantial, and a small dietary change would match these supposed results. But does Capsiplex make it easier to lose weight? Does Capsiplex actually have the right ingredients or anything else that would help you to ensure greater results?

Capsiplex has a blend of just one ingredient. It is called capsaicin, the active component found in cayenne pepper. With its spicy taste, capsaicin increase the internal body temperature, improving fat burning efforts. But unfortunately, unlike a substance like caffeine, this promotes a mild fat burning effect at best. So their small calorie count of just 278 calories or a small bag of fries, is not at all surprising benefits at all, not even a modest 278 extra calories of fat burning per day. With Capsiplex, we suspect that they use caffeine considering their product description.

They talk about improving workouts and increasing energy, things that cayenne has never been known to do. It’s caffeine that, while it can cause side effects, does promote those results. However, we suspect that they also fail to use the clinically proven amounts of caffeine, leaving you with side effects and not results.

We would not recommend using Capsiplex. It does not help you to lose weight, and it does not help you to achieve any greater results. This is no slimming revolution as they have called it, and it will only end up causing more problems and complications than anything else. They do not bother disclosing details such as a full ingredients list or amounts used for a reason. They are afraid that you will find out that their product has no legitimate basis for their claims. We would strongly recommend that you look into other options and find something else.